About NEyTCO Groups

The Regional & International  Groups are appointed by NEyTCO to act as ambassadors and advocates for NEyTCO within their geographical area.

These Groups feed the views of members living/working in the area back to the Board, to update local members about NEyTCO’s activities, to support and advise members. Regional & International Groups also support the CEO and Chair of NEyTCO in the carrying out of their duties.

Geographical Areas

  • The current geographical areas of the Regional Groups are:
    • England
    • Scotland
    • Northern Ireland
    • Wales
  • The current geographical areas of the International Groups are:
    • Dubai
    • India


  1. The Regional Groups have a Regional Lead, a minimum of one Co-Lead and no limit on the number of members.
  2. With the exception of the Regional Group Leads, appointment to a Regional Group is for a term of up to four years, which may be extended for one further period of up to four years. In exceptional circumstances, and if deemed in the best interest of NEyTCO, the Regional Lead’s term may be extended for a third period of up to four years.
  3. Members of the Regional Groups are required to be members of NEyTCO.
  4. The NEyTCO Board, on recommendation of the Nominations Committee, shall appoint the Regional or International Lead of each geographical Area.
  5. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Leads and Co-Leads of the Regional or International; Groups stand down from the Group when they cease to be a NEyTCO member,  (but will be eligible for re-appointment subject to renewal of membership and maximum term limits).
  6. All Regional & National Leaders, Co-Leads and NEyTCO members  shall comply with NEyTCO’s Code of Good Governance, Code of Conduct and other policies.


  1. The frequency and timing of meetings is at the discretion of the Lead of the  Groups but each Group will meet at least three times a year.
  2. The Groups do not hold an annual mandatory gathering of representatives of all Members within their area.
  3. Members of the relevant  Groups have the right to attend the Group’s meetings and any member who wishes to attend a particular group not in their area, may do so.
  4. Other members such as the CEO, Chair, Board Members, or staff, and internal and external speakers may be invited to attend all or part of any meeting as and when appropriate.
  5. The Leads or Co-Leads of the Groups chair all meetings. In the absence of the Lead, the Co-Lead will chair the meeting.
  6. A Group Member should act as Secretary to each Group. Minutes should be taken at meetings by the Secretary and copied to NEyTCO Central Office within 7 days of the meeting.


The functions of the Regional Groups are as follows:-

  1. To support NEyTCO
  2. To support NEyTCO members
  3. To develop and maintain links with all Regional Groups
  4. To act as ambassadors and advocates for NEyTCO within their geographical area;
  5. To feed the views of members back to the CEO and the Board and update local members about NEyTCO activities
  6. To establish, develop, and support strong and active co-operation with other agencies and organisations in the sector and key stakeholders within their geographical area (such as local authorities, education, social care, Ofsted, and local media);
  7. To support the CEO and Chair in the carrying out of their duties and work closely with them in the delivery of the above functions;
  8. To enable planning, organisation and delivery of regular events that will provide opportunities for Members to meet, learn of updates and new legislation in the sector, and to offer their comments on activity, future prioritisation and issues of local provenance;
  9. To maintain communications within NEyTCO through the exchange of minutes, regular engagement with the CEO and Chair, and appropriate members of the Senior Board, and two meetings per annum with the CEO, Chair, Board and other Regional Group Leads and Co-Leads, to assist the NEyTCO Board in whatever way practicable and to perform incidental matters as may be commissioned for the Regional Group to undertake by the board.


The Leads of the Regional & International Groups report as follows :-

  1. An annual report by the Leaders of the Group to the Board (in person); and
  2. Regular update reports, including any minutes taken, on the work of the Regional & International Groups after each of their meetings to the Central Office
  3. The minutes of the Regional & International Groups shall be available to the Board through the Central Office
  4. The Group Leaders shall be the main conduit for the flow of information between the Groups and the CEO and Chair.
  5. The Leaders may also communicate to the Board on matters of concern to the Board and shall be the main conduit for the flow of information between the Groups and the Board.

Catriona Nason, CEO
November 2014

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