NVC In Family Matters

Date(s): 05/02/2018
Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Speaker: Tracy Seed
Contact: Tracy Seed, tracy@tracyseed.com,

NVC In Family Matters – Be Present With Now

Are you longing for your relationship with your partner or children to be more harmonious? Would you like to speak honestly about situations with your mother, father, brother, sister or other family members? Some previous training and experience of NVC foundations is a requirement for attending this series.

What will you get?
Sessions of support and learning through NVC mindsets and practices.

Who is this event for?
These sessions are not for members of the same family, they are for anyone wanting support with family matters. If you’re a parent, grandparent, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, niece, nephew or other family member, these meetings maybe for you.

What are the benefits of joining a session?
You will learn *NVC mindsets and practices that can support you in deep listening and communicating authentically with family members in ways that make it more likely that everyone’s needs can be met.

Family matters meetings are based on the belief that each of us is the best ‘expert’ for ourselves and that we can listen to our inner expert when we have the right conditions and support.

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