‘Product and Service Supplier’ Membership Benefits

What is a ‘Product and Service Supplier’ Membership and who is eligible to join NEyTCO?

This membership has been created to includes product or service suppliers to the Early Childhood Education and Care Sector that help to enhance and support the sector in their day-to-day work.  The product and service supplier members must have a track record of excellent customer service, a good safety record, quality products and services, age and developmentally appropriate products, meet ROSPA guidelines, as well as an interest in the welfare and development of children.

What are the membership benefits for ‘Product and Service Suppliers?’

The ”Product and Service Supplier’ membership benefits include those stated in the ‘Individual Membership.’

Being a member of NEyTCO will help you professionally connect and network with others within the NEyTCO community nationally and internationally, providing the opportunity to collaborate and share your products or services with members at meetings and events, to raise your business profile, increase your credibility, to write articles and case studies for NEyTCO outlining the value of your products/services.

NEyTCO is THE membership organisation for trainers and consultants in the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Sector. Being part of a high-profile organisation, with a value-based Code of Professional Practice, raises standards and gives members an enhanced unique selling point to prospective clients!

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‘Product and Service Supplier’ member unique benefits:

  • FIVE FULL member mandates
  • Use of the NEyTCO Shop to sell your products and services
  • FREE professional profile on the NEyTCO Member Directory
  • FREE weekly newsletters, including job opportunities and tenders
  • FREE advice on business planning, strategy and development
  • FREE business advice and support in relation to working overseas
  • FREE regional meetings – connecting and networking with other members
  • FREE and DISCOUNTED regional and national events that help enhance your business
  • FREE Client background checks – on request
  • FREE social and digital media advice and support
  • FREE member closed Facebook group, for online networking and sharing
  • FREE member logo for marketing materials, for use in your presentations, website, and social media
  • FREE member identification/security lanyard with photo

Discounted sevices:

  • Discounts on Nursery World, EYE, and Practical Pre-School magazine subscriptions
  • Discount on Butterfly Print services
  • Discount on PRISM Software by Aztec Solutions
  • Discount on MBTI – Personality Profile by Flourishing People
  • Discount on SEND magazine subscription
  • Discount on Laura Henry EYBT courses
  • Discount on Siren Films products and services


Product and Service Supplier Membership
investment ONLY £36.00 (inc. vat) PER MONTH
or just £348.00 (inc. vat) PER YEAR.
*Includes 5 Individual Mandates

*What is an individual mandate and how do I use it?

We created individual mandates so that you can include an additional colleague as a member of NEyTCO, giving you peace of mind that your employees and/or associates are covered under your membership.

The additional mandate covers all the above benefits and services.

If you require further mandates in addition to your set allocation, then the investment for this will be: £55.00 (incl. VAT) yearly  or £5.00 (incl. VAT) monthly per mandate.


Need help? Have questions? call us on 020 7477 2255 or alternatively, you can fill in our contact form and one of the NEyTCO team will call you back.

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