It’s NEyTCO’s First Birthday!

Happy_Birthday_To_us‘Oh What A Year’ One year ago today we launched NEyTCO at a Parliamentary event on the evening of the 15th December 2014 joined by many of you who came to support and to celebrate the birth of your new organisation.

After many years of discussion, planning, meetings and research with individual trainers, consultants and researchers (groups and organisations),  the first organisation of its kind for trainers and consultants in the Early Years Sector was finally launched.  The evening was filled with excitement, expectations, enthusiasm and a shared vision for the future. A vision that Laura Henry nurtured for many years.

Ali Hendry Ballard (The Garnett Foundation) introduced the key speakers for the evening, including Catriona Nason (NEyTCO CEO), Dr Jools Page (Sheffield University), Swati Popat Vats (Podar Group, India), Neil Leitch, Chief Executive (Pre-school Learning Alliance) and Laura Henry, Laura Henry Consultancy (NEyTCO Ambassador).

Watch the video of NEyTCO’s launch here…

NEyTCO’ s first year was eventful, fast paced, hard work, exciting, and we believe successful.  We would like to thank ALL our members for joining NEyTCO. Without you we would not exist.

thank _youA BIG thank you to our hard working Regional Leads and Co-Leads who have worked very hard to launch their regional groups around the country.  A BIG thank you also to our supportive and professional board that have helped us immensely throughout the year and our management team, in particular Sarka Juric who has worked tirelessly and multitasked to an inch of her life!  Last but not least our thanks to Laura Henry who continues to be a wonderful Ambassador for NEyTCO.

NEyTCO Board

Lorraine Allman, Neil Blumsom, Dr Suja Chacko, Mary Chant, Sally Eaton, Michele Johnson, Neil Henty, Neil Leitch, Sarah Mackenzie, Dr Jools Page and Dr Jo Verrill

NEyTCO Management Team 

Catriona Nason, Jacqui Burke, Marcus McKenzie and Sarka Juric

NEyTCO Regional Leads & Co-Leads

Debbie Alcock, John Warren, Lloyd Razemba, Dr Jo Verrill, Kate Reed, Rachel Buckler, Andrew Clifford, Jennie Johnson, Susan McGhee, Lois Nott, Nicola Wood, Tracy Storey, Ann Gladstone, Dr Anita Soni, Penny Webb, Ross Midgley LLB MA FCA, Linda Baston-Pitt, Julie Revels, Kate Peach, Sarah Mackenzie, Sandra Brouet, Mandy Richardson, Jane Evans, Jacqui Mann, Julie Hinns, Sue Overton, David Ball, Allison Lee, Nathan Archer, Siobhan Fitzpatric CBE, Claire Warden, Karen Graham, Sarah Rogers, Swati Popat Vats…

We won’t bore you with a long list of activities and achievements, but here are some selected highlights.

NEyTCO is a Community Interest Company and during our first year we scaled up our impact through the following activities:

  • Ensuring activities have a maximum social impact through quality training and CPD as well as developing sustainability and business skills across our membership.
  • Through procurement, member inclusion and the development of services for the wider Early Years community, delivered by our members;
  • Having a diverse range of products and services including accredited and non-accredited training.
  • Increasing our reach to extend our membership in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. (Much more to do)
  • Developing partnerships and establishing networks with other EY organisations and agencies. This includes the wider education sector.
  • Applying for contracts and tenders to provide trainers, consultants and expert teams from our membership base.
  • Bringing in further skills to the NEyTCO management team to raise the quality of services.
  • Supporting a national network of members to share good practice, collaborate and inspire.
  • Developing options for accreditation, quality assurance and quality marks as a way of scaling up our impact.


We would love to hear from you on your views and experience of NEyTCO’s first year.

Your views will help us to create a future strategy and ensure we are meeting members’ needs.

Please take our member survey! 

Take the survey here…


Thank you

Catriona Nason, CEO & all the team at NEyTCO

Need help? Have questions? call us on 020 7477 2255 or alternatively, you can fill in our contact form and one of the NEyTCO team will call you back.

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